National Systems research NSR changes its corporate name to Appnetics to better reflect the
evolution of its Business Model. During the past five years, National System Research has undergone
radical Changes in its outlook and the breadth of the products and services it provides to the market
True to its roots as an application developer Appnetics has released on June 2003 its Appnetics
Corporate Portal Solution based on Microsoft SharePoint Server.

In a major event on June 22 Microsoft Chose Appnetics Portal as its Collaboration Product of the Year for 2003. Appnetics Portal is a corporate communication channel and workflow backbone designed for
emerging enterprises seeking and more proactive work environment.
Appnetics releases a unique product for
enforcement of Anti Money laundering policing
for financial institutions. Aptly named
Appnetics COP for Compliance Officer Program
the product provides a powerful tool for
Compliance Officers of Banks and Credit Card
Processing Companies.
Appnetics has pioneered the Deployment of
managed services in financial institutions.
Its latest project for the deployment of
core Banking Application is used by
Microsoft as a Case Study in fast, painless