Established in 1987 as System Research Egypt, Appnetics chose from the start to work in specialized vertical markets where specific knowledge and excellence of product would provide an edge in the highly competitive software development environment. Up till 1999 SRE provided integrated services in information systems and corporate re-engineering. A highly focused company with software development as its core business, SRE has pioneered work done in Egypt on solving indigenous corporate information and management problems, particularly in Government, healthcare and Retail management fields.

In 2000 SRE was acquired by the National Telecom Corporation NTC, a leading communication and IT holding company and merged with its own IT entity which was already active in enterprise systems in Publishing and Newsprint organizations. National Systems Research offered outsourcing services for application development, customization and localization to clients in Egypt and the Middle East.

In January 2003, National Systems Research Added Appnetics to its name to reflect its involvement in IT application services